Our Movement

Lies Your Boss Tells You

What your boss says vs. reality 1. “Unions Are Outsiders” hover tap image to reveal “Unions Are Outsiders” Text in Decorative Font. The union is you. The union is us. Text in Decorative Font. The union is you. The union is us. The union in your workplace is organized, set up and controlled by the workers of […] Read More  »

How Do I Win a Union?

Wondering how organizing a union works in the real world? The process might not be simple but it is possible. Read more and find out how you can start organizing! Read More  »

The Difference a Union Makes

Unions strengthen workers’ voices, allowing them to create better and safer workplaces for all. Together in a union with your coworkers, you won’t have to hope that bosses and corporations will do what’s right, you can hold them accountable to do so through your union and contract. With a voice on the job and a […] Read More  »

Unions & Society

Joining a union has many benefits, including gaining a voice on the job, a seat at the bargaining table with your employer and the means to improve your pay, working conditions and so much more. Joining a union of you and your coworkers grants your group representation on the job. Read More  »

When is it Legal to Strike?

Strikes are a powerful tool to make changes in the workplace. A strike occurs when a group of workers withhold their labor to get their employer to make changes or improvements in their working conditions.  Federal law protects most private sector workers’ right to strike, but it has also created complex rules around what strike […] Read More  »