German Fast-Food Workers Fight for $15!

Our movement is truly global! German fast-food workers held an inspiring meeting in Ulm recently to fight for fair wages and union rights. Check it out: German fast-food workers met in Ulm last week. The fight for fair wages and union rights is GLOBAL. #FightFor15 #FastFoodWorkers via @gewerkschaftngg — Fight For 15 (@fightfor15) February […] Read More  »

Even MORE Evidence Unions Improve & Save Lives

For years, corporate-backed politicians and economists have used scare tactics and misinformation to argue against union rights and a $15 minimum wage. We know this is a lie, and the research shows we're right. A new story published this weekend by the New York Times shows just how big of an impact union rights and a living wage have. Read More  »

Why We Need #UnionsForAll

America's economy and democracy are out of balance. Too much power is in the hands of corporations, billionaires, and self-serving politicians who rig the system against working people. Read More  »

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