For years, corporate-backed politicians and economists have used scare tactics and misinformation to argue against union rights and a $15 minimum wage.

We know this is a lie, and the research shows we’re right. A new story published this weekend by the New York Times shows just how big of an impact union rights and a living wage have:

“A $15 minimum wage is an antidepressant. It is a sleep aid. A diet. A stress reliever. It is a contraceptive, preventing teenage pregnancy. It prevents premature death. It shields children from neglect.” See on Twitter >>

And that’s not all. We know that unions and a living wage are good for the economy. When economists looked at minimum wage increases in states between 1979 and 2016 they found that when wages went up, employment didn’t change – but workers took home more.

The evidence is clear: we need a $15 minimum wage and unions for all. As Julio Payes, a fast food worker and organizer with Fight $15 in Emeryville, California puts it:

“Look at what Americans in our grandparents’ generation did when they organized unions: they turned bad factory jobs into good middle class jobs. We need to do that again for today’s jobs. We need to stand up against those who want to tear down the foundation our ancestors fought so hard to build. This is why I joined the Fight for $15 and why fast food workers aren’t giving up on ensuring we have union rights.” See on Twitter >>

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