Across the country, we have been winning victories for hardworking Americans. Already this year, we’ve heard candidates echo our messages during the debates, gotten the House to pass the Raise the Wage Act to make $15/hr the minimum wage nationally, and successfully seen several states pass a $15 minimum wage.

But to truly improve the lives of working people, we need to think even bigger. We need to make it possible for all workers to form and join unions.

While politicians like Trump and wealthy CEOs try to divide us on issues like immigration, race, inequality, climate change, and more, we must unite to organize for our rights at work, our ability to care for our families, and our right to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

But we can’t just hope for these things to happen. We need the next President to step up.

That’s why tomorrow, August 21st, we will be gathering in Milwaukee to demand in one voice: we need Unions for All. We’ve already proven that when we unite in this fight, our message and our demands can’t be ignored.

2020 candidates must champion policies that throw open the doors for every person in this country to have the opportunity to join a Union — and earn fair wages — no matter where they work. Only then will we be able to make truly meaningful steps towards “liberty and justice for all”, not just for the rich and powerful.

Will you join us at 11AM ET on Wednesday, August 21st for our livestream event?