Whether they’ve supported our strikes, joined us on the job, or spoken at workers’ forums, it’s clear that presidential candidates are noticing our efforts to win #UnionsForAll. Now it’s time to hear what they have to say.

Next Friday, October 4th, our Unions for All Summit will kick off in Los Angeles, California. Candidates will join us to speak about their plans and ideas around union rights, economic justice, and other important topics.

This is our chance to make it clear to them that #UnionsforAll is a core solution to racial and economic injustice and MUST be part of their platforms. We need to make sure that they’re willing to fight for us— and that they know we’re watching.

Make a plan to tune into our livestream event starting Friday, October 4th so you can hear what each candidate has to say about making #UnionsForAll a reality.

In the meantime, think about the questions you want to hear the candidates answer. Then be sure to tweet, post, and share this post to get more people on board! Together, we will continue to fight, and we WILL win.

Will you join us October 4-6 for our livestream events?